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For Parents

For Parents

... Tips to Promote Literacy at Home

Reading with a Child

  • Choose a quiet time for reading to your child, as in before a nap, bedtime, or after dinner.
  • Choose a special place for family reading, like a comfortable chair or pillows piled on the floor.
  • Let the child select the book for you to read aloud.
  • Hold the book so that your child can see the pictures. If possible, also let him or her turn the pages.
  • Take time to look at and talk about the pictures. Don’t just read the story: talk about it.
  • When your child outgrows picture books, keep reading. Now choose chapter-books.
  • Understand the reading begins at home. Children read their environments, so make your home a print rich environment.
  • READ! Don’t expect reading to be important to your children if they see that it’s not important to you.
  • Invite your child to read to you. If he or she is a pre-reader, he or she will often interpret his own story using illustrations and imagination.
  • Make lists, lots of them. Make them for grocery shopping, books to get from the library, chores, and things to take on trips.

Read aloud to your child every day.

Reading is the Key to Everything in Life

Karen Hokanson Miller

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