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Monsters and Bogeymen from around the world!   

Kids love reading about monsters,  and they are challenged to determine whether the monsters are fact or fiction.

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Monsters and Water Beasts: Creatures of Fact or Fiction?

Mythical beasts or real creatures? You decide!

Big Foot, Moth Man, the Sea Serpent of Gloucester. These are just a few of the mythical beasts uncovered in this intriguing collection of extraordinary creatures. Firsthand accounts and the opinions of scientists weave together a fascinating web of fact and legend. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll find much to ponder in the lore surrounding these monsters.

Raves for Monsters and Water Beasts
from Parents, Teachers, and Kids

Great for the Classroom!

As a teacher, I'm always looking for new books to incorporate into my units. I have found Monsters and Water Beasts to be one of those books. My students have been mesmerized by the creatures and their backgrounds and enjoyed pointing out interesting details to each other. The pictures inspired them to create their own monsters and water beasts, and the beautiful writing gave them a guide to write their own stories. This book is well read in my classroom and we all hope there is a new one soon!

A Book for Curious Readers

My 9 year old son loves to read books regarding "mysteries" of the world and this book is a perfect fit for him. For children anything is possible and Ms. Miller captures this feeling within her book. My son has a vivid imagination and I love books like this that encourage creative thinking.
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Great stories made better with real facts!

Monsters and Water Beasts tells great stories made better with real facts and eyewitness accounts. The author has you decide whether the Jersey Devil is real or the product of over 2000 people's imaginations. Was the sea serpent of Gloucester photographed or will researchers investigate a new species of water beasts?

Many more questions without answers allow the reader to choose the story they think best fits the monsters brought to life in interesting chapters with colorful illustrations. Learn about the legend of Mothman and Hoop Snakes by discovering facts about where they live and who sees them. Have a good time with a good book and let your imagination grow.
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Great book!

I purchased Monsters and Water Beasts as a gift for my little sister. She loved the book! Since then I have given the book as a gift to numerous family members (kids ranging in age from 6-12). All have enjoyed the book! The book is well-written and sure to stir the imagination.
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Editorial Reviews for Monsters

Whimsical Watercolor Illustrations and Engaging Narrative

This well-researched account of legendary land and sea creatures will provide satisfying new information for those already contemplating the existence of these beasts. In addition, the whimsical watercolor illustrations and engaging narrative presented in chapter-book format will pique the curiosity of anyone considering the question for the first time and will appeal to readers who don't normally gravitate toward nonfiction topics.

Miller includes Bigfoot in her discussion, but it is her detailed treatment of lesser-known monsters such as the Big Bird of Texas, hoop snakes, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the sea maiden of Biloxi, the sea serpent of Gloucester, and the cadborosaurus in British Columbia that adds to the breadth of this book.

Chapters are structured with anecdotal information of firsthand encounters followed by the scientific theories that could disprove these sightings. In each instance, the author provides hope for believers with such inconclusive statements as "all we have to do is wait." Those hungry for spooky stories will find their fill with such chilling legends as that of the black snake that puts his tail in his mouth and rolls down a hill, aggressively pursuing the woodsmen who destroyed his home. And devotees of the "Can Science Solve?" series (Heinemann Library) will savor this new blend of the logical and the mysterious.
School Library Journal
Monsters and Water Beasts: Creatures of Fact or Fiction?

Warm and Immediate Scenarios

Is there truth in the reports of strange animals unknown to science? Miller opens and closes this book on legendary creatures with the 2002 discovery of the giant squid, which may have inspired reports of sea serpents for thousands of years. Each chapter discusses one rumored beast.

Handsomely designed, the book features full-page and smaller chapter-head paintings that depict the creatures as kindly rather than terrifying, echoing the even, nonsensational tone of the text. --Carolyn Phelan
Carolyn Phelan
Booklist | American Library Association
Latest Best Selling Book

Bogeyman 101: A Guide to Bogeymen Around the World

Mythical beasts or real creatures? You decide!

Every culture tells stories of bogeymen. Though they come in many forms and are called by many names, these are the creatures that lurk in the shadows to leap out and terrify unsuspecting children. Frightening and mysterious, tales of these creatures have been tingling our spines since time immemorial. In Bogeyman 101: A Guide to Bogeymen around the World, young readers are given a fun primer on some of the world’s biggest things that go bump in the night.

This book introduces you to seven bogies, each one with its own chapter. Readers are treated to a brief story, along with a discussion of the folklore behind the creature. Even reluctant readers will enjoy delving into the statistics and attributes of these chilling monsters, particularly when the all-important question comes up: “How do you protect yourself against the bogeyman?”

From the Scandinavian troll to the Jamaican duppy, each bogie serves as a fascinating window into the unique attributes of the country it represents. It’s a great way to engage elementary and middle-school children while teaching them about the different cultures of the world!

Raves for Bogeyman 101
from Parents, Teachers, and Kids

Incorporate with Geography and Literature Units

This book respects children. It acknowledges their fears with stories distant enough not to scare, and sets the boogeymen in objective cultural and historical context. The author is an experienced teacher who is happy to FaceTime/Skype a classroom to discuss with the children.
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Just plain fun

Meticulously researched and skillfully written, Bogeyman 101 is informative, fascinating and just plain fun! Every kid needs a copy to keep the bogeyman away.
Barbara O'Connor
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Trying to get your adolescent to read more?

If you have a daughter or a son who is old enough to enjoy scary movies, but who you can't get interested in reading, this book might be just the trick. With a mix of history, skepticism and good ol' scary stories Bogeyman 101 has plenty to spark the flame of a young reader's curiosity. If you're a fan of D'Aulaires books on Norse and Greek mythology or Alvin Schwartz' Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark series, than you'll find plenty to like in Bogeyman 101!
Daniel G Miller
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Great Book for All!

Bogeyman 101 was the perfect read for me. Each chapter was organized with legend and detailed facts, followed by an engaging, plot turning story. I had no idea there were so many different Bogeymen around and when I finished, I went to check under my bed. The illustrations complemented the text. Great book for young and old, alike.
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Editorial Reviews for Bogeyman 101

Great Book!

You'll want to own this one. Whether you are a student, teacher, or author it's an entertaining, well researched, compact source for reliable information on the bogeyman across time and cultures. It's also inspiring for writers. Great book!

It Was Amazing!

Meticulously researched and skillfully written, Bogeyman 101 is informative, fascinating and just plain fun! Every kid needs a copy to keep the bogeyman away.