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The Most Famous Mythical Creature in Each State

backyard bears

Bears! Bears! And more Bears!

We see them in the backyard, digging through trash. But what doing we really know about bears? (Here’s a hint…Goldilocks was all wrong.) Bears are so much interesting than our stories about them. Backyard Bears takes us into the lives of city bears. What a great pick for reluctant readers!

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A Pup Called Trouble

A Coyote in City Park?

Ever been to a city park? Possums, crows, dogs. You’d expect to see them. But a coyote pup? How did he get there? Trouble finds himself there after his curiosity and impulsivity take him away from the wilds and into a world he knows nothing about.

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Need a Friend?

Do You Need a Friend? Something I’ve noticed about my favorite writers is that I think they’re writing about me. Maybe not today’s me, or

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