Karen Hokanson Miller

The Most Famous Mythical Creature in Each State

Author: Karen Hokanson Miller

backyard bears

Bears! Bears! And more Bears!

We see them in the backyard, digging through trash. But what doing we really know about bears? (Here’s a hint…Goldilocks was all wrong.) Bears are so much interesting than our stories about them. Backyard Bears takes us into the lives of city bears. What a great pick for reluctant readers!

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A Pup Called Trouble

A Coyote in City Park?

Ever been to a city park? Possums, crows, dogs. You’d expect to see them. But a coyote pup? How did he get there? Trouble finds himself there after his curiosity and impulsivity take him away from the wilds and into a world he knows nothing about.

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Need a Friend?

Do You Need a Friend? Something I’ve noticed about my favorite writers is that I think they’re writing about me. Maybe not today’s me, or

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