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Arnie the Doughnut

Arnie the Doughnut

Arnie the Doughnut
Laurie Keller

Think YOU have it hard? Try being a sprinkle doughnut named Arnie.
He arrives in the world at 5:15 AM, born at the bakery. Then he’s deep fried, iced, sprinkled, and given his donut name. (Did I tell you it was Arnie?) Next, off to a grand adventure. Or is it grand, after all? Arnie’s tickled as Mr. Bing picks him up. “Oh, isn’t that cute?” he thinks, “He wants to hold me.” HA! You know what happens next. Or, do you? A surprising solution saves Arnie and satisfies Mr. Bing. The artwork is for kids and grown-ups (tiny hilarious captions alongside the main action) makes this fun to read aloud.
Read Aloud and easy reader.



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