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Stop Following Me, Moon!

Stop Following Me, Moon!

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                                                       Stop Following Me, Moon! 
By Darren Farrell
The Moon can be so annoying! Especially to a light fingered bear roaming the countryside, filling his arms with other’s “yummy’s.” Bear notices something’s trailing him and won’t leave him alone. It’s the moon! Bear runs, hides, boats, bikes, and drives, but he can’t lose it. It’s only when the Moon slides behind clouds does Bear lose him. And, of course, like any annoying tag-a-long, the moon is missed.
this is a perfect pick for any older sib who complains about annoying younger brothers or sisters.
The text is brief, an easy to read for emerging readers. The artwork, on the other hand is rich, detailed and holds fun surprises for the observant reader.
Good choice for Skype or Facetime because it’s easy to recall the text as you hold up the book to the computer screen.
Ages 3and up



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