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it’s a fairy tale, a fantasy, a new MG classic!

it’s a fairy tale, a fantasy, a new MG classic!

The Girl who Drank the Moon
Kelly Barnhill

Teeny tiny dragon Frythian, swamp monster Glerk, good witch Xan and 13-year-old Luna are in terrible danger. Not from each other, but from the people in nearby City of Sorrows. Every year, the elders leave a newborn baby in the forest for witch Xan. They claim it’s the only way to keep the village safe from witch Xan. No one knows that the elders have created the lie to keep the people cowed and subdued. Actually, Xan finds the babies a better life. She retrieves them and, for good fortune, feeds them starlight before finding a home in a faraway village. The ritual goes on for years until, one night, Xan accidently feeds a baby moon light, enmagicking the little girl. Xan’s afraid moon magic will be too strong, so she locks it up inside baby Luna.  Xan decides she has to be the one to raise and teach her, for Luna’s magic will blossom on her 13th birthday. She has the help of incredibly tiny Frythian, a slightly annoying dragon and Glerk, a wise and caring swamp creature. 13 happy years pass until Xan leaves to retrieve the next baby. Little does she know that a young man is determined to save his own baby and kill the witch.
Strong female characters
Upper Elementary and MG



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