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If you’re yearning for an “Alice in Wonderland” book…

If you’re yearning for an “Alice in Wonderland” book…

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland anyone? That’s what I channeled after a few chapters of Furthermore. Maybe it was because the story was unlike any fairy tale I’d read. Once I’d accepted that flowers were a food staple and the sky suffered from loneliness, I gladly jumped into the story. In a town where magic is thought to be linked to color, poor 12-year-old Alice is almost completely white. Her only support has been Father, who has gone missing years ago. When her former enemy Oliver offers to help her find her Father, Alice jumps in (literally) into the strange world of Furthermore, where Father has been trapped. Besides a rich, imaginative story, I loved the messages woven in. “Change the way you see, not the way you are” and “Not knowing is only temporary if you have a mind to figure things out.”
Middle grade
Coming of Age



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