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Piggie Pie!

Piggie Pie!

Piggie Pie! by Margie Palatini

Piggie Pie! is a scary plot (will Witch Gritch find the pigs and bake them into a pie?), but it’s loaded with laughs. When Gritch locates some pigs (by way of the Yellow Pages, of course), she heads to Old MacDonald’s farm. Ala “The Wizard of Oz,” she writes “Surrender Piggies!” in the sky.
By the way, did you know pigs are smart? Gritch doesn’t. The pigs pull on disguises. They have costumes for a cow, ducks, chickens, and finally, the farmer Old MacDonald. Gritch threatens everyone, even the chickens. The chickens (pigs) cluck cluck here and cluck cluck there, but won’t give up the pigs.

Gritch, defeated, hungry, and still stupid, runs into the wolf (Remember Three Little Pigs?), who is also defeated, hungry and still stupid. Arm in arm they go to Gritch’s house for lunch. The reader wonders, “Who will eat whom?”



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