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Stories from Eastfield Elementary

Stories from Eastfield Elementary

I hope you go through the previous post so you can admire the stories and pictures!
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My monster’s name is Tall Stack. He lives in the forest in a big cave. During the summer he hunts for food. then he goes to the dark part of the forest. Then he hunts for food again. Then when he’s full he goes back to sleep. He eats wild animals. He is very very tall. He protects himself with his teeth and his hands. He eats tigers, cheetahs, wild turkeys and wild hogs.

My monster’s name is thethe. He lives in the forest. In the morning he is looking for food. He will eat every thing. His favorite food is cow and bear. He protects himself with his horns and shell. He has no enemies. He sleeps n his shell.

My monster’s called Chickenshark. He is very blue and he likes to eat chicken and fish. He lives on the floor but he can swim in water. He likes to eat dog pooh and garbage. He is very very strong because he needs to be, for his protection.

My monster is a Snoodleedoo. On Monday evening Snoodleedoo was lonely.
Then he saw a little boy playing. So Snoodleedoo went to the boy and said, “Do you want to play with me?”
Then the boy ran off. So Snoodleedoo thought he was scary. So he just walked around town. Then he went home and went to bed.
The next day was a bright and sunny morning. So Snoodleedooo went outside.
Then he found a little girl playing. Snoodleedoo said, “Do you want to play with me?”
“Sure,” said the little girl and went to the park with Snoodleedoo.
Snoodleedoo never thought he was scary again.

My monster’s name is cat She lives in my house. She eats pizza and drinks cold tea and hot tea. She flies in the air. Her tail helps her when she is on the ground and need protection from other animals.

My monster is a scary monster. It eats bugs and eats other stuff that I eat. It eats other stuff that I do not want to eat. It has sharp teeth.

My monster’s name is Plotipus Munkeydat. My monster lives in the toilet. He always clogs it. My pet monster eats birds, frogs and fish. When it is time for
Bed he goes back into the toilet and sleeps all night long.

My monster is named Dinodrag. He can throw fire out of his mouth. He eats people. He throws fire at people and it burns them up. He protects himself by throwing fire and flying.

My monster’s name is Scales. Her sister calls her Scaley. She lives in the ocean. She likes to sink ships for fun. She likes to captive sea birds. She loves small fish like shrimp and mackerel and hermit crabs. Her hobbies are scaring people and swimming away as fast as she can. Her predators are sharks. Her defense is her sharp teeth. She likes to find rocks to throw at surfers.

My monster’s name is JoJo. He lives in the garbage. During the spring he goes out and sneaks for food in lunch boxes. Then he goes to the classroom while the kids are outside. Her eats trash or different food like paper, balls, rubber bands, dust, wood, and leaves, He protects himself by changing into different things. He likes humans, fish, or trees. JoJo has 4 heads.
Some people have said they saw a giant fish in the ocean. Some people say they saw a giant bat, but the monster is neither of these. Scientists have seen it part whale, part fish, part man, part bat, all rolled into one.
The scientist named it Befree. They say it eats seaweed, bugs, fish flakes and fish.
It protects itself by swimming in and out of the ocean and flying. It can fly away from inland creatures, too.
Its predators are shark, piranha, and electric eels.
It swims at speeds of 20 mph. it’s as tall as a 20-foot building and as long as a full-grown man. Sideways.
It has gills but can also breathe while on land. It can speak human language and it can talk to animals.

My monster’s name is Pleso. He lives in the ocean. He eats fish and squid. He has many teeth to protect him from sharks. He loves to come out of the water at night, He is 60 feet long. He is 100 feet wide and is the color purple. He is supposed to have died out 60 million years ago, but he did not. He has a long tail to help him swim up to 45 m.p.h. He has thick skin.

My monster’s name is Yazmin. She lives in the woods. She eats trees and water. She has many Velcro arms so she can hang from the trees.



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