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what do you think of this creature?

what do you think of this creature?

Desert worm

The most feared animal of the Gobi desert is the legendary allghoi khorkhoi which is also known as the Mongolian death worm. The name is descriptive: it means “intestine worm”, because it is supposed to resemble a four-feet-long animated piece of intestine. It surfaces after rain and sprays anyone who gets too close with an acid-like substance that kills instantly. It also radiates a killer electrical charge. The existence of the worm is unproven, despite four research teams having tried to find it since 1990. Many scientists believe it is a snake: the venom-spitting death adder or king cobra are the most likely candidates. One problem is that Mongolians believe that mentioning the worm is unlucky, so reliable first-hand accounts are hard to come by.



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