Karen Hokanson Miller

ow!I can`t believe you taped up my picture.My teacher thought it also looked good.All my friends just laughed at it.The teeth I do wish I left white.They do look weird.

Again thak you for coming to talk to us.The thing I love the most about every year of school is the authors that come,especially you!

Before I forget,Erin White,a great friend,and I wrote a story called Lullaby Land last year.We have made a recorded play of it!This year I wrote the 2nd book Lullaby Land:They`re Back.We also recorded tahat one!Reply me back if you would like a copy of these stories.

I cheak my mail 5 times at lest every week so if you do reply, you will most likely get a reply as well!

Dear Liz, I would like to scan the picture and post it to the blog. It is one of my favorite monsters!
And please, send the story. I will be happy to listen or read it!



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