School Visits

I work with students of any age, even though my book is geared to upper elementary and middle school. I am comfortable with any size audience, but find 90 is the upper limit for group size.

You can have me for a whole day, a half day, even a week! (It all depends on what programs suit your group’s needs.)

Pre and post lesson plans are available for all programs.

Monsters and Water Beasts: Fact or Fancy?

I confess. The presentation is fun, but I have “hidden” goals. I want to teach the children while entertaining them. So, for you fellow teachers, here are the underlying objectives for my programs:

(Critical thinking) How to make informed decisions/choices when faced with opposing data.

(Writing skills) A model, then co-operative session that builds persuasive writing skills.

(Vocabulary) A presentation that employs word origins to recreate the monsters in the book and new, never-seen-before creatures.

What’s New in Kids’ Books?

for Teacher in-service and PTO/PTA’s

Book talks for the best of ‘What’s New in Children’s Books and Books-Not-to-be-Forgotten.’

What Makes a Writer?

Presentation of the writing process: From idea to published work

How to Use Non-fiction in the Classroom

For teacher in-service

Using Monsters and Water Beasts and other non-fiction as models, a workshop showing how to develop critical thinking, research skills and expository and persuasive writing.

Funding Visits:
Schools and libraries use different sources to sponsor author visits, including Title I, grants from local organizations or business groups, district funding, and PTA/PT’s.
For more information and fees contact me by emailing karenhokansonmiller [at]