Reading Lists

Here are lists of some of my favorite books for elementary and middle school kids.

Here is a list of easy things parents can do at home to promote literacy.

Lessons for the Classroom & Home

Read an excerpt of Monsters and Water Beasts and write your own ending.

Learning to anticipate by questioning and seeking answers in the text is one of the primary keys to better reading skills. By writing his/her own ending and then comparing it to another person’s story (or the actual book) is one way to develop this skill. Further, picking up on context clues and incorporating them in their own writing requires close attention to detail and typically means reading the text more than once. These too develop better reading skills.

Create your own Monster Art as these students have done.

View the Monster Gallery

View the Monster Gallery

Test your reading & computer savvy skills.

1 – What is my dog’s name?
2 – What did my brother used to call me?
3 – How many children do I have?
4 – Can you find the secret messages in the index page (the “home” page with all the pictures on it) when you hold the mouse over the pictures?
5 – Can you find the other secret messages on that page? What do they say? (Hint – roll your mouse into the upper right hand corner of the home page to find the clue)
6 – Do any other pages have secret messages?

Printable Activities

Monsters and Water Beasts

Cut Out Monster Mix & Match (a pdf file)

Monster Maze (a pdf file)



Bogeyman Word Search

Bogeyman Word Search 2

Bogeyman Crossword

Bogeyman Maze

Tengu’s Maze

Bunyip’s Maze

Bogeyman Map